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Alley Cats Country Inn, where a beautiful experience awaits you and your cats! Come stay with us!

Most guest rooms offer vast views while others offer a quieter ambiance, and all are individually climate controlled. Our guests also enjoy ample amounts of love, attention, and individual time in the main lounge to run and climb or just relax with us.

What can you expect when booking a reservation at Alley Cats Country Inn for your cat(s)?

While the owner’s away, the cats will play…

Have you ever wondered what your cat gets up to while you’re away? When you check in with us, you will be given an app with access to the private and secure HD security camera located in your cat’s room or suite. You can then access the real-time feed from anywhere, from any time zone, 24 hours a day through your phone or computer for the duration of your pet’s stay.

We also provide:

  • An on-site hotel attendant 24 hours a day and a veterinarian on call.
  • Fresh, clean and spacious rooms that are individually climate controlled and furnished with full-sized scratching posts, climbing walls, toys, and hiding shelters for Peekaboo moments!
  • Rooms offer plenty of natural light, many with multiple windows for your kitty to enjoy.
  • A cat litter box with your choice from our selection of quality litter, cleaned multiple times per day.
  • Their favourite cat food, supplied by you, as we don’t recommend suddenly changing their diet.
  • Safe common areas for exploring and playtime. (Please note that our guests do not co-mingle with other guests.)
  • Peace of mind for pet owners knowing our full-time, knowledgeable, and experienced cat boarding operators will provide the most dependable, secure, and safe pet care.

Accommodations & Rates:

The Studios – $28 CDN – A quieter setting for the shy kitty who prefers the calming ambience of the inn and its supply of natural light. The Studios are: The Kingfisher, The Alley Cat, The Golden Eagle, and Mr. Got to Go (our Community Service Adoption Room).

Vista View Rooms – $33 CDN – Vast views for felines who enjoy birdwatching during the day and stargazing at night from a private window and lounging shelves. The Vista View Rooms are: The Osprey, The Sandpiper, The Hummingbird, The Golden Ears, The Butterfly, and The Grey Squirrel.

Corner Suites – $40 CDN – Larger and with additional windows and perches, our Corner Suites allow for a single cat or family of up to 5 cats to stay together comfortably. The Corner Suites are: The Blue Heron, The Alouette, The Burrowing Owl, and The Hemmingway.

  • Each additional guest from the same family is $12 per day. For families of 4+ cats please contact us to get pricing and availability.
  • A deposit of 50% of the total reservation cost is due at the time of booking, with the remaining balance to be paid at check out. All major credit card and debit cards are accepted. No cheques, please.
  • Long-term pricing starts on day 16 with a 10% discount from day 16 onward. Please book in advance for longer stays.
  • Advance booking is highly suggested for peak holiday seasons such as Spring Break, July and August, as well as during Christmas and New Year’s dates.


We understand that some cats may need some extra care. If your cat requires medication that needs to be administered topically or orally, we will provide this service for $2.00 per application. For subcutaneous (SQ) fluids it is $5.00 per administration.

Pick-up and Drop-off Services for Revisiting Guests

Once you have stayed with us and given us your stamp of approval, we would be delighted to provide concierge service to and from your home.

All cats must be placed in their own cat carrier prior to the time of pick-up. No cardboard carriers, please, as kitties seem to have a way of wiggling out of them. Fees are charged based on distance. Please contact us for a quote.

Alley Cats Country Inn offers a unique lodging experience for the discerning feline. We have just 10 Guestrooms and 4 Suites to choose from, all distinctive in their views and design layouts. Alley Cats Country Inn prides itself on outstanding service, knowledgeable attentive staffing and terrific value.

Alley Cats Country Inn is surrounded by the beauty of The Golden Ears Mountain Range and the Alouette River.

Cameras – in every room, not an extra service, just part of the service one can expect as the norm.  Being a parent of a guest you will receive an app with a code which is just for you, so you can watch your kittie relax and play. This code will give you access to your Guestroom or Suite for the duration of your reservation 24/7 from any time zone from your phone or computer. No need to worry how their doing as you can check in to see your fur family in real time and just how comfy and loved they are.

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