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Meet the Porters

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Alison & Dana Porter, your Directors of Guest Services, have spent several years researching and developing their business model for a luxury cat boarding establishment. This endeavor has been a labour of love for these two, as you will quickly discover as soon as you meet them. Alison and Dana moved to Pitt Meadows in the summer of 2016, reviving many childhood memories for Alison as her mother’s family, the Sharpes, lived in the community for several generations. The property to which Alison and Dana moved, over five acres right beside the beautiful Alouette River, was the perfect location to finally create Alley Cats Country Inn! Alison (AKA Alley), had a dream to create the perfect “home away from home” for cats to visit while their non-fur family members went on holidays. And Dana, with his expertise as a superintendent for a major construction firm, made Alley’s dream come to life by creating a first-class facility that provides quality accommodation for all discerning felines. Along with the facility, all amenities and services provided are also at a 5-paws rating, according to our resident Quality Control Inspector, RUE! One of the biggest inspirations for Alley Cats Country Inn, Rue is our own much-loved fur family member.

Rue, being a polydactyl cat, has a few extra toes and loves to use these to investigate whether something is SOFT enough to snuggle or FUN enough to climb for our guests!

The Porters are very proud of their establishment and love to share the experience they have created. Pre-scheduled tours are welcomed, as is the opportunity to meet you and discuss the needs of your cat(s). Contact us today to set up your appointment to visit!

We guarantee that your cat family will receive the best of the best care we can provide, and we guarantee your pet’s safety and well-being is always our top priority.

What can you expect when booking a reservation at Alley Cats Country Inn for your cat(s)?

  • Prompt courteous service with attention to details and unique services.
  • An on-site Hotel Attendant 24 hours a day with a 24/7 Veterinarian on call.
  • Real-time surveillance availability as every guest room and suite is fitted with a high-definition camera. Only you will have access to your cat(s) camera. The general public will not have access to any camera or other information. We are all about providing peace of mind to you and lots of love and nurturing to your cat family.
  • Fresh and clean rooms which are cleaned daily with pet and planet friendly eco-tastic products.
  • Also provided to each guest will be:
    • An individually climate controlled room
    • A warm snuggly bed
    • A window or two for viewing the outside world
    • A cat litter box and quality litter, cleaned multiple times per day. (You may request an alternate type of litter)
    • Their favorite cat food, supplied by you, as we don’t recommend changing their diet suddenly. Note: We do carry quality food lines no-one goes hungry on our watch.
    • Play toys, climbing walls, cat posts and hiding shelters for Peek-a-Boo moments
    • Safe common areas for exploring and play time. (Please note guests do not co-mingle with other guests.)
  • Peace of mind for pet owners that recognize full-time, knowledgeable, and experienced cat boarding operators provide the most dependable, secure, and safe pet care.
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