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Welcome to Alley Cats Country Inn Luxury Cat Boarding and Hotel


Welcome to Alley Cats Country Inn where we pride ourselves on providing outstanding service to your cat(s) family through our caring, knowledgeable and attentive staff, along with offering unique accommodation options, great value, and “you don’t need to worry about me” peace of mind to the parents of each of our cat(s) guests.

This is not a “Cat Kennel” that’s for sure, as we don’t provide cat boarding in the traditional sense. Instead we offer your family a Cat Inn, a Cat Hotel, a Cat Resort or just luxury cat boarding. What ever you choose to call it, we provide premium quality accommodation for your cats, starting with warm and cozy surroundings that include a state of the art security system which also provides you with 24/7 viewing opportunities, so you never have to wonder what your cat(s) are doing while you’re away! Each cat Guest-room / Guest-suite we offer is large, spacious and filled with natural light and since our property is located in a quiet country setting with stunning views of the Golden Ears Mountains and the Alouette River, there’s non-stop bird and wildlife watching opportunities for our guests.

Alley Cats Country Inn Lodging Hotel

24/7 Cat Boarding at our Luxury Cat Hotel

We also focus on providing 24 hour seven day a week quality and individual care and attention to your feline family member. We strive to be the closest feeling your cat can have to being at home, even when your cat can’t be at home.

And, there’s more; in addition to being full-time and experienced cat boarders, we’re cat parents ourselves, so we understand what it is to love a cat. Plus we have an emergency veterinarian on call (24/7), and, we’re used to following special care directives from you, or your veterinarian.

Never again do you need to leave kitty alone for a few days, nor ask for “drop in” favours from family or neighbours, so, if you’re thinking about booking a trip, now’s the time to reserve a room for your fur baby at Alley Cats Country Inn.

Think about this too – if you’re having some reno work done around your home, or maybe even listing your home for sale and you have concerns about “cat escapes” during a viewing, we’re happy to help you out as short stays are also welcome (we have a minimum 2 day charge; during peak dates it’s a 3 day minimum). Perhaps you even have a big event planned at your home, or visitors coming to stay who are not “cat approved”; if so we’ll reduce your own stress levels and give kitty a vacation away from all the hustle and bustle going on at home.

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“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods…they have never forgotten this”.

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Hours of Operation

Just like any other top of the line Hotel we are operational 365 days a year to care and cater to your kitties. Different times of the year bring special lodging circumstances. Typically at Alley Cats we are open to incoming and departing guests for 8:30am to 1:00pm Monday through Friday and Saturday 9:30am to 1:00 with set appointments.

5 star cat hotel

Welcome to Alley Cats Country Inn

Exclusively for Cats, we offer superior care and personalized attention. We are the closest place and feeling to home when you can’t be home.

Enjoy & Remember Great Times with us